Senior Portfolio Class (11th to 12th grade)

We separated this class where the student is able to complete Regular Requirement Projects and Special Requirement Projects. This class is for the senior and Junior High School Students and the College Transfer Students. This class will allow the student to show his or her full potential and skills to the college evaluators.

The Regular Portfolio Class will start by the student mastering pencil techniques and gaining complete sketching skills, Once that is complete, the student will be able to do projects such as Drawing, Pastel, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting, 3D, Mix Media, and Computer Graphics. Within these mediums it is important or the student to find out what there best medium is and what they are most creative with. The Special Requirement Portfolio is an assignment given by certain schools where they give the students a theme, size, and medium. Usually they require about 2 to 4 Of these projects and creativity is absolutely the most important factor in this part of the student’s portfolio.

Junior Portfolio Class (10th to 11th grade)

Beginning from January in your sophomore year to December in your junior year, the student will be part of the Junior Portfolio Class. With 2 years left until the student has to submit his or her portfolio, the student will first completely master their individual skills and the majority of the time will be spent to work on creative projects where the student will be able to finish the basic part Of their portfolio. Usually, if the student took part Of our Intermediate Class, there is very minimum time spent on mastering skills and will have a much easier time in this class.

College Transfer Class

This is a class dedicated to help students in a 2 year / 4 year program in college transfers to the major of their choice. Most colleges will ask for students to have a strong foundation, creative ideas and projects based off of your major. As transfer students it is important to play to our strengths and showcase what we are truly passionate about and good at. Each student will have a different curriculum to help us make a portfolio that works for them. Not only will students be able to make portfolio, they will also be able to build the skill set and confidence making the transition as smooth as possible.

Basic and Introduction (8th to 9th grade)

This is for 4th to 9th grade students. It was created for mastering the foundation of art. This class is important because this is the class where we will see the student improve and develop their art skills. He or she will learn to draw with pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic and watercolor.

AP Art and Supplemental Portfolio Class (10th to 12th grade)

In the AP art class we help the students come up with ideas, organization, time management and make sure the quality of their work gives them the best chance to get a high score. The Minor Portfolio Class is available for students who would like to minor in art and design or double major. Although it is less rigorous than the Major Portfolio Class we make sure the portfolio is sufficient enough to get the students into the college of their choice.

Figure Drawing Class (10th to 12th grade & College Students) 

Students learn to sketch quickly, yet still show detail of live model in the nude. They practice this concept by 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and 20 min poses in preparation of 10-15 requirement pieces.​ Pleasanton, CSAD ( SAT, ACT Test Day: No Class)
Saturday Only, 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm (2Hours)
Total 20days (5Month)
Student: Senior Portfolio Class, Junior Portfolio Class

Digital Painting Class

This course will set a foundation for students interested in becoming proficient in using Adobe Photoshop CS2020 and approaching creative projects on a digital medium. Students will learn the basic tools of the program, and be expected to think critically about fundamental concepts like drawing forms, value, light and shadow using their own research references. Each class would have personalized feedback and chances for students to be engaged and ask questions. The preliminary course syllabus may change based on student needs and interests.

This class will heavily be critique driven. Students will be required to practice formatting their research and homework, present it to the class each week to promote positive engagement and discourse. Please be prepared to take notes and do in class exercises with a digital program and tablet, Webcams would be required.

Architecture / Environmental Design (Summer Course)

Through House and Interior projects the student will be able to complete 1 to 4 projects. In the following order: Design Concept, Image Cuts, Idea Sketch, Drafting Drawing, AutoCAD, Perspective, and Modeling, the students will complete each task for one project- How they want to display this is up to the students but it is our tradition in CSAD to create Image Boards by using programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Since skills with the computer is necessary, we require students to take a Computer class that we Offer at CSAD, where we will teach them Photoshop, Illustrator, and AutoCAD.

Transportation Design Class (Summer Course)

The student will be able to complete 3 to 4 projects by completing the 6 types of themes we give them. The 6 car types are’. Smart Car, City Car, Sports Car, SUV„ Mini Van, Fuel Efficient Car, and Entertainment Sketches. They must present these cars by completing 5 tasks which are, Design Proposal, Target Client, Inspirational Sketches, Refinement Sketches, and Final rendering. Although there are all these boundaries set, we have come to see that students who are able to show creativeness under these circumstances always proved to become successful.

Product Design / Industrial Design Class (Summer Course)

Within his program the student will be able to complete a total Of three projects. 2 projects will be based on re designing an existing product and the last will be based on creating a totally new product. Once again this major requires for the student to complete Design Concepts, ideation Sketches, refinement Sketches, and Final design for each project. This class is probably the easiest to show ones creativity.

Entertainment Design / Animation Class (Summer Course)

By completing Story and Revision, Creation Of 4 Characters, Props, Vehicles, Environment, and Unrelated Works, the student will be able to complete a portfolio required for this major. Hand sketches and computer sketches, with a tablet is important for this particular major and will require the student to master watercolor and marker renderings.

Graphic Design / Web/ App/ UI/UX Class (Summer Course)

This course will provide students with a foundation of using photoshop. Students will learn basic tools of the program. Assignments encourage creative thought processes with digital tools. On completion of this course students will be able to develop a comfort level with these programs applicable to any type of project in the future. The course syllabus may change based on student’s needs and interests.

This class will be heavily critique driven and project based. Please be prepared to take notes and do in class exercises with photoshop and a tablet. Students will be expected to turn in a process book by the end of the class. Webcams are required, and please be prepared to be engaged in the class. Students will be expected to ask for help if necessary.

Fashion Design Class (Summer Course)

A class where innovative designs and trends are a must! This class helps develop student's thinking process and creative problem-solving strategies as they explore sustainable, ethical, and past/current/future trends. Many colleges require specific projects for fashion design where creativity of design and clear though process and benchmarking is required. Students will also learn how to make sketches that show the development process and concept.

Film / Video / Photography Class (Summer Course)

This class will require the student to complete a total Of 20 photographs, 10 min DVD or VHS % min Film DVD.  Once again this class will require skills with the compute and classes are offered at our school to teach these skills and programs.

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