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Art Colleges Types and Area

When taking a glance at the 4 year colleges in the United States, the most common would be the State Universities which each state has and public universities also supported by the state. Within these colleges they have an art college and within the college they have a variety of majors to choose from. These colleges are public while they also have private universities which are under the same circumstances as the other universities. The last of the colleges are the private art colleges that are solely for art. Within the boundaries of the east and west coast, there are many art colleges and universities ranging from the Ivy League to private art colleges.

The schools are split into two major groups. The first would be fine art and the second is design. It is always good to have many choices to select from but there are many schools that cannot offer the student some important aspects of college life and skills. Therefore, it is important to consult about college selection with a professional. Not all of the top named schools have a stronger fine arts or design program than the lesser known schools. Each school has their strong points in certain areas and weak points as well. That is why we recommend selecting the student’s major before a certain school so we can find the right school for the student.

Private Art Colleges

Alfred University

Art Center

California College of the Arts


College for Creative Studies

Columbus College of Art and Design



Massachusetts College of Art and Design

New York School of Interior Design





Ringling College of Art and Design




School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Laguna College of Art and Design

Art Colleges within University

Carnegie-Mellon University

Columbia University

The Cooper Union

Cornell University

Drexel University


Hunter College

Illinois Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Rice University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Syracuse University


University of Cincinnati

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Pennsylvania


University of Texas Austin

University of Virginia

University of The Arts


Washington University in St. Louis

UC Santa Barbara

UC San Diego

UC Davis

Lawrence Technological University

Arizona State University

Ohio State Universiy

Long Beach State University


UC Berkeley

Boston University

Loyola Marrymount Unversity

Pacific Northwest College of Arts

Chapman University

University of Washington

University of Oregon

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