About CSAD 

CSAD, also known as California School of Art and Design is an after school art program which first opened in 1996 in the heart of the Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area.) We have two locations in San Jose and Pleasanton. For the last 25 plus years, we have over 750 students who have applied and been accepted to the College or University of their choice.

Whether you want to go to a private art college or a University with a great Art and Design School, we can guarantee that we have had the best results you can find. That is due to a dedication to a system where we balance classical and technical art skills with fresh and brand new ideas. Art is something that is learnable and just like anything else, if you dedicate the time and effort, we can make anything into a reality.

01. The Best Art School, The Best Faculty The principal of CSAD was the youngest ever to receive the prestigious President’s Award at the Korean Industrial Design Competition. With much success as a designer and a college professor for 15 years, he was able to experience both the business aspect and learning aspect of the Korean Art community, evaluating student’s portfolios and taking part in real life projects. After 25 years as the principal of CSAD, he has helped many upcoming artists perfect their portfolio, teaching each and everyone himself individually.

Now it has grown to a family business. The next generation, our Vice Principal Alex Lee is excited to work with students and continue building dreams. All of our teachers at CSAD are alumni from the top ten art colleges in the nation. With much experience, our school has gained knowledge of what the schools are looking for, allowing the students to better prepare themselves and having an advantage even during college.

02. Student Care System Knowledge is CSAD’s greatest strength. Our school will work together with the student, helping him decide what he wants to do in the future, as in decision of majors and colleges. Our school also helps monitor the student’s school work such as his GPA and test scores allowing the student to have as many options as possible.

The United States have many scholarship opportunities and our school will work together with the student and his family so that the student can receive as much scholarship as possible.

California School Of Art and Design

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